Pump Application In Manufacturing Industries

Diaphragm pump applied chemical pump, oil pump, slurry pump, solvent pump, food pump, ink pump, paint pump

Currently, Vietnam’s industry is making new strides in industries towards modernization. Automated lines are strongly applied with potential investment in machinery as well as equipment. In particular, the diaphragm pump is one of the basic equipment in the production system, meeting the requirements of liquid transportation at the stages of data entry, extraction, packaging …


Diaphragm pump Sandpiper

For the chemical industry, diaphragm pumps are applied to pump highly corrosive liquids while ensuring the service life of the equipment. With special design compared to other types of pumps, diaphragm pumps can transport acids, solvents, etc. to meet the needs of transporting liquids according to a certain calculated flow without having to respect the lots of energy use.


Chemical diaphragm pumps

For paint industry, diaphragm pumps are really necessary in the preparation and mixing of paint solvents as well as basic equipment in the manufacturing and packaging processes. Diaphragm pumps are used to pump paint solvents from one drum to another for a large, short flow.

For the food industry, diaphragm pumps are used to pump highly viscous liquids without stopping the pump suddenly. Plus the ability to pump dry without damaging the diaphragm pump, the manufacturer can be more secure to use during system failure and there is no liquid in the pump. Diaphragm pump when the idle pump does not generate heat, so it does not cause explosion, it is very safe to use.

bơm màng thực phẩm

Food diaphragm pump

For packaging, printing, diaphragm pumps are always the equipment used to inject ink in the printing system. The diaphragm pump works reliably and does not trap the ink when the ink is about to dry. Inks are also highly corrosive, so the use of a diaphragm pump with a compact design with good corrosion resistance is most reasonable.

For ceramics, diaphragm pumps are often used to pump dilute slurry – inject fuel into the manufacturing machine. Sludge is a highly viscous liquid and if using conventional pumps it is difficult to pump, not to mention that after use if the hygiene is not good, other pumps will not continue to work. Meanwhile, diaphragm pumps are the best solution chosen to use without spending too much time cleaning equipment. Diaphragm pumps are also designed to be simple and compact, so they are easy to install as well as maintain, maintain …


Mud – glue diaphragm pump

Another special application of a diaphragm pump is its ability to pump powdered substances such as flour, wood pulp, and paper pulp. Applications in the packaging industry, papermaking.

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