Analyze the advantages of Air diaphragm pumps

Pneumatic diaphragm pump is a self-contained, non-electric pneumatic self-priming pump with a simple structure that is safe to use. Because pneumatic diaphragm pumps have many features that cannot be replaced by other types of tools, the diaphragm pump is now invading the market of other pumps in the world since its inception. Particularly, in paint and ceramic industry, diaphragm pumps have occupied absolute dominance for a long time, while in other industries: environmental protection, sewage treatment, construction, sewage, chemicals. well it is expanding its market share and other irreplaceable pumps.

When it comes to diaphragm pumps, we cannot help but mention the advantages such as:

1. Because air is used for energy, the flow rate is automatically adjusted with changes in back pressure, and is suitable for medium and high viscosity liquids, even dry particles. Diaphragm pumps are well pumped. When using centrifugal pumps we must use pumps that are mounted on a water base. If a centrifugal pump is used for a slightly higher viscosity fluid, it needs to be equipped with a reducer or inverter, which will greatly increase the cost, and the same is true of gear pumps. other teeth.

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2. Pneumatic pumps are reliable and safe in flammable and explosive environments, such as fuels, gunpowder and explosives. Because of:

First, do not use electricity during use;

Second: no spark can be generated after landing;

Third, do not generate heat during working, the machine will not overheat;

Fourth: the liquid is not too hot because the diaphragm pump has minimal stirring of the liquid.

3. In areas where construction sites are poor, such as construction sites, industrial and industrial wastewater discharges, due to impurities in wastewater and complex components, pipes are easily blocked, thus the load on the electric pump is too high, the motor is hot and vulnerable. The pneumatic diaphragm pump can pass through the particles and the flow rate is adjustable, and the pipe will stop automatically so that it will not be obstructed when the pipe is blocked.

4. In addition, diaphragm pumps are small in size and easy to move. It does not require a foundation and it occupies a very small ground. It is simple and easy to install. Can be used as a mobile material transfer pump in small workshops or mobile pumping equipment.

5. In handling hazardous and corrosive materials, the diaphragm pump will not corrode when used.

6. Can be used to transport relatively unstable liquids, such as: photosensitive materials, flocculation liquids, etc. This is due to diaphragm pumps with shear forces. low and small physical impact on the material.

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