Consulting to choose a pump that suits your needs

On the market today there are many types of water pumps with many models, types, functions, … different. So, what is the right pump for your needs? We will advise you in the article below.

Types of water pumps are popular today

Before getting into the details of choosing each type of pump that suits your needs, let’s take a look at the popular types of water pumps on the market today.

Booster pump

Booster pump is a type of pump used for the purpose of increasing the pressure of water circulating in the pipeline, making the water flowing out of the nozzle used to be stronger, more.

máy bơm tăng áp

The most commonly used booster pump is the auto pump type. When users open any one tap to get water for use, the pump will automatically turn on and create pressure to push the water flow stronger to meet the wishes of the user. And when the user closes the faucet, the pump automatically switches off.

Booster pumps are used when weak water pressure does not meet the needs of the family, especially as hotel restaurants need to use water in large quantities.

Turbochargers are also used to increase the efficiency of machines such as washing machines, solar water heaters, water heaters, etc.

High push water pump

High-pressure water pump is a civilized pump line, which is widely used in pumping water from dug wells or from underground tanks to high tanks, irrigation water pumps, production, and can be used for pushing water to houses with many floors. High-pressure pump can pump up to a height of 40m.

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This type of machine ensures a stable flow of water and can filter clean water to ensure the health of consumers.

Centrifugal water pump

Centrifugal water pump is a type of hydraulic impeller, operating on the principle of centrifugal force, water is brought into the rotating center of the impeller and by centrifugal force, and has been pushed out to the edge of the impeller. . .

Máy bơm nước ly tâm

With special structure, centrifugal water pumps have the outstanding advantages of very large capacity, less frequent pipe impulses, so they are often widely used in the chemical industry.

Centrifugal pumps are used to pump and transport low viscosity fluids such as fresh water and sea water.

Centrifuges used in systems that do not require high-pressure poles but need large and regular flow, typically cooling systems in cooling rooms, in fire protection, fire pumps or irrigation pumps agriculture and horticulture.

Vacuum water pump

The vacuum water pump is a type of machine that can pump both water and air. Specifically, this series of small family water pumps are capable of vacuum pump to a certain extent used to pump clean water or other similar liquids but not corrosive chemicals.

Máy bơm chân không

The efficiency of vacuum water pumps is higher than that of other types of pumps, which can be used for both civil and industrial applications.

  • In households, a vacuum pump is used as a high-lift pump, drawing water from an underground tank or pipe and pushing it to an overhead tank.
  • In agriculture, vacuum pumps are used to suck wells, irrigate and serve other jobs that require pumps.

2. Criteria to know when choosing to buy water pumps

Pump capacity

Pump capacity determines the strength of the water – weak, so this is one of the important points to note when buying a water pump.

Maximum flow

It is the amount of water that the pump transports in a unit of time – in m3 / hour or liter / minute, …

Push height

The height of the water level is usually recorded as H, there is a recorder that is Hmax, Total H, that is the height that the machine can suck from the water, wells, lakes, tanks, … This is a certain maximum height The machine transports water to the upper tank, calculated vertically.

Typically, pumps do not bring water to reach the height recorded in the machine, but only about 70%.

Chiều cao đẩy máy bơm nước

A Panasonic water pump has a pushing height of 38m

Suction depth

The depth at which the pump draws water from the water surface to the center of the pump’s impeller. You should place the machine as close to the water as possible, because in fact the depth of use is often smaller than recorded in the machine.

If normal pumps when suction is about 8-9 meters, the phenomenon of non-suction can start to appear. This is marked as cavitation, with the presence of bubbles. This basically affects the quality of water pumps.

3. Advice on buying water pumps according to use demand
Pumps for water in the family

1. Water pumps for apartments and high-rise buildings

Apartments and high-rise buildings must bring water up so people often use high-speed water pumps.

Bơm đẩy cao

– High-rise water pumps are mainly designed as vertical pumps, capable of absorbing and pushing water quickly with a rotation speed of up to 2900 rpm. The vertical shaft pumps currently used are many brands such as Matra, Pentax, Saer pumps, …

+ For houses with 3-4 floors, with the usual water flow of about 45 liters / minute, houses with more floors will have a slightly higher flow. So you should choose a high pressure water pump with an average head of 45m, a capacity of about 200 W – 350 W. In this case, the Panasonic water pump GP-350JA 350W has a flow of 45 liters / minute and head of pressure 45 m would be best suited.

+ For buildings with 2-3 floors, choose a high-pressure water pump with a capacity of about 125W. For example, the Panasonic GP-129JXK water pump with a water flow of 30 liters / minute and a 39m head will be suitable in this case.

+ For buildings with a height of 6 floors or more, the pump will need a larger capacity, or may need to use pumps through the station.

2. Choose a water pump for families with weak water sources

Booster pumps are suitable for families with weak water sources. The booster pump increases the water pressure in the pipe, helping you regulate the stable water supply for the indoor faucet system.

Bơm tăng áp Panasonic

The booster pump is an advanced technology product with features such as built-in thermal relay, automatically switches when the body temperature is too high to ensure the life of the machine and the safety of the user. The pump operates according to the principle of faucet opening and closing, very convenient and effective.

In addition, many families have placed cases of washing machines, water heaters, etc. and water tanks on the rooftop, or the position between the device and the water basin is equal, making the water pressure condition Low, not enough water to supply the machine.

Therefore, you need to support booster type family pumps for these devices. However, it is advisable to choose pump models that are not too strong pressure, as this may damage the device. Also in this school, mini booster pumps are also options to consider.

Máy bơm tăng áp mini

Currently on the market there are many manufacturers of booster pumps to choose from such as Wilo, Pentax, Panasonic, …

Water pumps for agriculture

1. Pumps in automatic irrigation system:

To select pumps for automatic irrigation systems, we need to pay attention to the following criteria:

– Water flow to be irrigated: Depending on the garden area that needs watering, we choose a water pump that meets the irrigation water flow. Suppose we irrigate an area of 1 ha with a Nelson R33 – green throat.

One hectare can be divided into 4 sprays, each with 2.5 sao (2,500 m2). According to calculations, the flow of irrigation for 1 ha per hour is 72 m3. So 2.5 sao need flow corresponding to 18 m3 / hour.

Tưới phun mưa tự động

– Water pressure: Every irrigation device needs a certain amount of pressure to work. Suppose that the above-mentioned Nelson R33 needs to provide a pressure of 3.5 bar for optimal operation.

At the same time, the pressure loss on the piping system is 0.25bar. So the pump needs to create pressure: 3.5bar + 0.25bar = 3.75 bar (equivalent to 37.5m pressure column).

From the above two analyzes, we need to choose a pump with a capacity large enough to pump a pressure of 3.75 bar at an operating flow of 18 m3 / hour. Because the pump only operates at 75% of the designed capacity, choose a pump with a capacity greater than 5 HP to work best for automatic irrigation systems.

– Power source: If it is a single-phase power source (the power source we use for daily life), it is possible to run pumps up to 3 HP. There are several imported rocket pumps that can reach 10 HP running on 1 phase. You can use a petrol or oil pump if the power is not enough to operate the large pump.

Máy bơm nước chạy xăng

– Types of pumps: There are many types of pumps such as rocket pumps, horizontal pumps, vertical pumps, … based on the requirements of flow, pressure column (pressure), then look up the operation diagram of the pump to From there choose the appropriate pump capacity.

– In case of an oil pump, or a pump without a technical specification: it is possible to reverse engineer using a combination of a flow meter and a pressure gauge.

How to detect: Behind the flow meter, we install a drain valve to adjust the different discharge level. In front of the flow meter, set the pressure gauge.

In the process of adjusting the drain valve, we observe the pressure gauge needle. When the barometer indicates 3.75 bar, stop, then observe the flow meter and determine how many m3 can be pumped in one hour, thereby determining how much the pump will run, how much acreage.

To meet the above criteria, we should choose a specialized pump for irrigation with the following advantages:

– Having large and stable flow with constant head.

– Compact size, light.

– Integrated thermal relay, disconnect itself when the temperature is too high to avoid explosion.

– Safe to operate.

– Large sprinklers convenient for watering crops.

– Simple flow adjustment.

In Vietnam market, plant irrigation pumps are imported by agents, commercial enterprises. Depending on the needs and economic conditions, choose Italian irrigation pumps (Pentax, Ebara, Zenit) or Taiwan water pumps (NTP, APP, HCP) or Chinese water pumps (Lepono, CNP, Mastra). , Lucky Pro).

2. Water pump in breeding

In animal husbandry water pumps are often used to clean the barn, sewage pumps, drainage pumps in aquaculture, …

– Cleaning pen for cleaning cages: To clean the breeding facilities in breeding farms, you should choose high-pressure pumps. High pressure pumps with high pressure cleaning ability will help you clean the farm in a clean and tidy way.

Bơm tăng áp

The advantages of high pressure pumps for animal farms:

+ Save water.

+ Ability to spray water helps save time.

+ Compact easy to use, simple structure, good quality.

+ Quiet operation without making noise.

+ Large water flow.

You can find booster pumps from brands like Panasonic, NTP, Pentax, Teco, … with good quality, affordable for you to choose.

– Sewage pump:

Wastewater in livestock as well as other types of wastewater are often mixed with dirt, rubbish, … and acidic water environment causing strong corrosion, must use specialized pumps to pump and move waste. loose.

People often use submersible pumps made of stainless steel, or gray cast iron with high durability, good corrosion and oxidation resistance, limiting the influence of the surrounding environment on the operation of the machine.

Bơm chìm nước thải

Some types of submersible pumps such as mud pumps, axial submersible pumps, submersible pumps, etc.These types of pumps are designed with quite compact structure, meeting standards and specifications. Diverse techniques suitable for different purposes.

The price of these products is high, but offset by the efficiency of the machine and the durability is very high.

In Vietnam market today, the product line of wastewater pumps is very diverse and rich, many brands, different models and increasingly improved in terms of functionality. The most outstanding can be mentioned is Tsurumi sewage submersible pumps, Ebara pumps and Pentax pumps.

– Pumps for water discharge in fields or in aquaculture:

In the rainy season or when you need to drain the field, slap ponds, lakes, … in aquaculture you need a pump with a large flow of water, pumping water quickly to avoid flooding and save time.

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